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Marketing your business is the single most difficult task for a business and one that can be a make or break situation. There is absolutely no use having the best services and goods available if no one knows that they are there! Our services are aimed at companies who wish to expand their services, products and profitability or entrepreneurs who are starting a new company or have acquired a struggling company that they wish to turnaround, our Business Marketing Plan Services consist of:

  • A review of your business strategy and aims for the next 3 years·
  • The goods and services that you will sell during this period·
  • Advice on branding your company so as to provide a consistent view of your business by the public· For example Nike and McDonalds are brands and each has its own specific attributes, service¸ colours and logos that are brought to mind when you think of that company·
  • Where you consider your core market to be – that is where you intend to sell your company goods and services and to whom·
  • Who you consider to be your main competitors to be and what impact they may have on your own company·
  • How you wish to differentiate your business from other competitors·
  • General advice on factors to consider with the expansion of your company·
We will then¸ after a period of research¸ on your market¸ competitors and potential market opportunities, prepare your Marketing Plan· During this period¸ we will correspond with you by email to ensure that we have any pertinent details we may require· Your Business Marketing Plan will be unique to your company and constructive in your future marketing· It will consist of:
  • Your company details·
  • Analysis of your market and potential markets·
  • Review of your company strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats it faces·
  • An appropriate business and marketing strategy·
  • Effective marketing objectives and activities·
  • Your marketing budget and sales forecast·
  • How you can implement your marketing, manage it and ensure that it is being effective during market and economic changes·
Type of Marketing Plan Cost
Small Biz Marketing Plan: for businesses with less than 5 employees and a turnover of less than $250k $999
Established Biz Marketing Plan: for businesses with more than 5 employees and a turnover of more than $250K $1¸299

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