Entrepreneurs – How Do You Design A Marketing Strategy?

Whether you have a business based on the internet or the “real world”.  – Click or Brick – then you need marketing to ensure that people know about your business and products.  After all if people don’t know about you they won’t buy from you. Effective marketing accomplishes several things:

  • Creates and maintains your business brand
  • Highlights your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Establishes your company as an authority
  • Introduces your products to your potential customers
  • Allows you to capture a niche in your market
  • Ensures that your business is remembered within your market place

So how do you begin to design your business Marketing Strategy?

  • Decide how you want your company to be recognized and remembered by your potential customers, customers, peers and competitors. This is your brand.
  • Decide what products you want to market and who you think may need and want them. This is most important – people only buy if they perceive a need for them or you build up a desire for them. The latter is more lucrative but very expensive to do – but ask ipod how effective and profitable it can be.
  • Investigate your potential market and define a niche within this market. A niche allows you to market to fewer, more responsive people. Not only cheaper but more cost effective.
  • Redesign and re-price your products as necessary. This is a recurring process.
  • Establish your marketing budget there are cheap ways to market such as viral marketing – but you will still need some kind of budget.
  • Decide how you will market your business and products, how often and in what format. Nearly there.
  • Set this all down in your marketing strategy.
  • Now go and market your business.


Good luck.

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